Analytics Services

TechStar Group’s advanced services offer responsive, measurable, customizable,
and targeted data and visual analytics that enable our customers to make informed decisions.

As complexity and capacity of business systems increase, businesses are in need of cost-effective methods to fill the gap between data management and data-driven decisions. Our services offer organization, standardization, and analysis of clients’ increasingly large and complex data sets to meet this growing need.

Whether assessing millions of records domestically or culling through terabytes of multilingual, international transactions, we work to your specifications. We can offer both end-to-end and tailored support to help you navigate the various challenges and opportunities in an analytics initiative with minimal risk and uncertainty.

TechStar Analytics services include :

Business analytics and intelligence

Data Analytics

End-to-End Approach

While we offer services tailor-made for each stage of the life cycle, we also like to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions. A comprehensive approach saves you time and money and allows us to understand your entire system, standardizing secure configurations that mitigate risk.


Assessment Services

Understand your business goals to provide a clear roadmap for the most effective use of your data.

Proof of Concept

Complete a quick, pilot project to confirm business value and right-sized technology selections.

Deployment Services

Optimize deployment by combining your infrastructure with our experience and recommendations.

Implementation Services

Expert assistance in the planning and seamless implementation of the analytics solution into your current system.