The next generation of cloud computing.

With over 600+ Azure services let TechStar Group help you move to the new era of cloud computing with one of the most powerful cloud technology solutions, Microsoft Azure. Azure PaaS and IaaS enable you to build and deploy web applications significantly faster and provision resources as needed.  

Disaster Recovery

Disaster has a habit of striking when you least expect. Azure can help your organization be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. Go to sleep knowing that the lifeline of your business is protected and backed up in a secure, cloud-based server.

Pay As You Go

Only pay for what you use! No longer will you have expensive fees associated with maintaining a website on-premise. With Azure, computing resources are available on-demand and billed on an as-needed basis. Never again pay for what you don't need!


Do you leave your doors open at night? Of course not! Why would you leave your house open to intruders? Similarly, why would you leave your website open to the attacks of malignant actors? Call TechStar to join one of the most secure and cutting-edge cloud platforms.


Migrating your enterprise and it's associated databases over to Azure can be a hassle. Thankfully you have TechStar on your side! Our team of Azure experts, backed by our tested and proven migration practices, can guide you through the entire process. We make sure that your new environment is configured, secure and ready to work for you.


Create your own private network, connect your on-premise resources and extend the reach of your teams. Azure can work for you by being a natural extension of your existing network. Quickly set up VPNs, limit traffic to certain resources and extend security with DDoS protection.

Managed Services

Azure can sometimes seem like a box of parts with no clear instructions. Avoid over-provisioning and waste of cloud resource by leveraging TechStar's expert migration knowledge. Be proactive with your enterprise and let us help you make sense of it all.

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