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The SharePoint Problem with Mobile Workers

Microsoft SharePoint has been out for almost two decades. When SharePoint was first created, Microsoft was not having to deal with the incredible numbers and form factors of the modern smartphones and tablets. SharePoint was typically accessed on a computer screen that ran on only a handful of sizes and resolutions. SharePoint classic was geared for this type of usage.

I am proud to say that I attended the original launch of the Apple IPhone in 2007 in San Francisco. I was a manager at Microsoft, but had always been an Apple fan boy, and when my Brother Jim clued me into what the IPhone was about to do for mobile devices, we both had to be there. I even took vacation from my job at Microsoft so that I could attend.

Now more than a decade later, there are literally hundreds of smartphones, tablets, Surface Hubs, and other devices all with differing form factors, resolutions, and aspect ratios. If you have ever tried to use your finger to touch a button on hand held smartphone, using software originally written for a desktop monitor, you understand the problem. The button does not resize for the new resolution. My fat finger has to try 10 times before I can finally activate the tiny graphic button that the interface provided me. This is a problem with SharePoint classic design. It was never intended for the mutliple scalable options of todays proliferation of devices.

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