Transforming how we interact and communicate

What are they?

As businesses have more and more customers interacting with them, the need for automating communication is increasingly becoming a priority. Chatbots belong to a broader family of technologies collectively referred to as Conversational AI’s. These technologies are designed to understand, process and respond to voice or text inputs in intelligent, human-like ways.

How do they work?

Human language is an incredibly complex function to attempt to emulate convincingly. So how do chatbots do it? The processes behind this exciting technology are always being fine-tuned and improved upon but it all starts with some form of semantic analysis. By breaking sentences down, a Natural Language Processor can look for patterns, consider word forms and understand intent all in order to provide a reasonable response to a human query.

why do you need it?

As devices get smaller and systems grow increasingly complex, people can often find themselves lost in a literal forest of features. In order to preempt the inevitable questions that your company will field, it is important that you are able to deliver customer service experiences with efficiency and tact. By replacing traditional interactions, your organization can take advantage of AI in order to simplify and free your employees to focus on other tasks.



Timely, accurate and highly personalized experiences for your customer. These bots wont pass the Turing Test but by god they can probably convince most of you. I mean, how do you know this wasn't written by a bot?


Nothing is worse for a customer than waiting to fix a problem. No more says the chatbot! Able to operate throughout the year and all day, you can rest easy knowing that you will never miss a customer interaction.


Chinese speaking customers? No problem. A customer service team the size of a small country? Also no problem. Enjoy scalability and the ability to interact with customers on their own terms. Literally.


Is there a sweeter sounding phrase in the business world? If there is then let us know because for us, a minimal up-front investment and rapid deployment means less headaches overall.


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