Data Integration

Data integration is becoming even more important as
the need to access, analyze and share big data grows.

Data integration is becoming even more important as the need to access, analyze and share big data grows. TechStar Group offers ready-to-deploy solutions, such as data warehouse offloading, OLTP replication, and real-time log analytics.

Data Warehouse Offloading

Data warehouses (DW) have been at the core of most companies for many years. With the explosion of data growth in recent years, DWs are becoming more and more expensive. Capacities are being stretched as infrequently used data is taking up more and more valuable space. Load processing windows are being consumed, adversely affecting service levels and threatening the delivery of business-critical insights run from scheduled and overnight batch jobs.

With TechStar Group’s data warehouse offloading solution (ADOS), our customers can automate their ETL, SQL ETL, and post-Hadoop transformation back to EDW or Analytics workflows, offering an up-to-date solution that can save them up to ten times the effort required to maintain and manage in-house.

Our Workflow

Core ETL to load appropriate data into the EDW from various data sources, structured or unstructured.

ETL to bulk load data onto Hadoop and also load ongoing ‘cold’ data from EDW to Hadoop, both with support for retries and last-minute data.

Prepare analytics data from Hadoop without having to write any HIVE queries.

OLTP Replication

Operational data is critical to run and manage business tasks. Typically, tasks involve simple and quick queries that return just a few records at a time. However, backup and recovery requirements still need to be stringent to ensure ‘no’ data loss.

TechStar Group’s Replicated OLTP Solution (AROS) can significantly optimize the ETL pipeline setup and maintenance and enable real-time operational reporting. In addition, enterprises can build a maintainable replication mechanism to Hadoop that allows deeper analytics at any time, has both analytical and transactional data available on Hadoop to further scale up and out, and has the ability to use traditional RDBMS and DBMS applications.

Real-Time log Analytics

System logs, web logs, and application logs are valuable to operational intelligence. For instance, clickstream data can provide insights that can be used to market to customers. System logs can be used to monitor system performance and optimize infrastructure.

TechStar Group offers pre-built connectors and integrations to messaging systems like Kafka, RabbitMQ, and search engines such as Solr and Elasticsearch, along with pre-built parsers for several syslog formats originating from various networking devices (routers, switches, proxies, firewalls, etc). Users can jumpstart their log analytics solutions by configuring our solution to collect, aggregate and store log data in real time. Workflows can be configured to process incoming unstructured messages, parse them to structured log formats, and leverage search indexing threads for real-time log analysis.

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