Data Visualization

TechStar Group offers tailored big data visualization solutions

Data visualization presents big data in a clear, understandable, and usable format. Big data is growing at unprecedented levels, and businesses need tools to help them extract and analyze this growing amount of important information in real time.

Data Visualization

Visual representations typically include charts, plots, graphs, and graphics. Customizable dashboards help users pull accurate data from their systems and customize the presentation for their purposes. They might need historical data to analyze trends, or they might need current activity to help them make fast business decisions. They might need the same report every month or at a moment’s notice.

The software required to graphically present big data can be too complex and costly to develop in-house. TechStar Group offers tailored big data visualization solutions. Let us know how we can help.


How many leads have converted to sales this year?


Did this week’s social media campaign affect the number of sales?


How did our annual sale affect revenue? How did it compare sale?

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