DevOps – Telco

Customer Profile

A Telco DevOps organization.

Problem Statement

This organization has no comprehensive methodology, making it hard to govern or optimize their development and delivery processes. Many tasks are done manually which causes inefficiencies, quality concerns, risks, and business delays. As an example, 20 to 30 manual deployments are done each month, resulting in an average of 5 defects and 120 hours of effort and an average of 5 defects. The customer would like to reduce this overhead and this risk/cost to the company.

TechStar Solutions

  • Codified modern development practices enabling continuous integration and automated deployment release cycles.
  • Implemented a single integrated set of tools to enable requirements management, defect tracking, traceability, governance, and reporting.
  • Integrated tools that leverage existing data synchronized across the tool suite to reduce process overhead burden.


The customer has reported the following:

  • Increased efficiencies and quality with consistent and automated processes.
  • Reduced risk and delays through instant access to documentation.
  • Better product quality, as development defects are detected and fixed early.
  • Significant savings in cost, effort, and time by eliminating need for manual tool integrations.
  • Reduced migration time to 30 minutes.
  • Increased delivery speed.
  • No defects.
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