TechStar Live and Recorded Events:

TechStar helps companies stay competitive by working with them to modernize their IT Infrastructure.  Moving to the cloud, transforming communications infrastructure, and building automated policies and processes are just a few ways in which TechStar helps customers increase their profits and their productivity.

Change in technology is happening so fast that it is often hard to keep up with everything.  Even the nature of how we work is being changed by worldwide events, many of which we have never faced before. Working remotely has become the norm, not the exception.  Fortunately, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others all have technology that helps keep workers communicating and productive, even from home.

TechStar is creating multiple webinars that help explain how much of the newest technology can be orchestrated to help business grown in uncertain times. Every week or two we are delivering live Webcasts on key technology that can help companies adapt.  We encourage customers to join these events and ask questions of our technical presenters.  After the webcasts are delivered, recordings of these events are added to our Website usually within a day of the events.

Check back to this page often to see our schedule of future events, as well as our previously recorded events. 

Upcoming Microsoft Events

Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience

Microsoft TEAMS Deep Dive Webinar

Power BI Deep Dive Webinar