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We offer live interactive Webinars and Customer Immersion training events for organizations interested in learning more about what technology can do to help them stay competitive.

  • Webinars are typically 90 minute online deep dives into a particular technology or software package.
  • Customer Immersion Experiences (CIEs) are hands-on workshops that are delivered either in person, or online.

TechStar’s primary technical presenter Michael O’Neill, has had a 30-year career as a professional trainer and presenter for Microsoft.  Mike understands how to take technical information and deliver it in was that are relatable, entertaining, and promote retention. 

Mike is certified by Microsoft to deliver CIE events for Office 365, TEAMS, Azure, & Windows Security.

Upcoming Interactive Webinars

During the Covid19 Pandemic, we are offering free webinars to anyone interested in learning more about technology & Microsoft products.

Check out our calendar for a schedule of interactive events scheduled this month.

Power BI
Windows Shortcuts
Working Remotely With MS TEAMS

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