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Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience


Microsoft has created free hands-on workshops designed to show customers everything they can do with their existing Microsoft Office software. Microsoft is delivering these events through TechStar, one of only a small group of national Microsoft Gold Certified Partners authorized to conduct Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) workshops.


These sessions give you a chance to learn by doing.  No PowerPoints, No Slides! Over three and a half hours, you’ll interact with a computer fully loaded with Microsoft software and will experience all that Microsoft Office 365 has to offer.  Office Applications – Tips and Tricks, Outlook e-mail productivity tips, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, SharePoint, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PowerApps & Flow, OneNote, Delve, and much more. 



·              It is not a sales pitch.  CIEs are designed to promote knowledge transfer through interaction with live software.  Most customers who attend the event already own Office 365.

·              It is not a presentation.  There are no PowerPoints to watch.  It is all hands-on all the time.

·              There is no set agenda. A facilitator will guide you through discussing what technical problems, if any, you may be having, and what opportunities you want to focus on for your session. (See examples below.)

·              It does not cost anything other than your time.  There is no fee, and the sessions usually run 3.5 hours, but customers often stay around for more because of the value they get from the labs.



TechStar orders a kit of equipment from Microsoft and sets up a lab. The lab is comprised of 11 Microsoft Surface computers, each loaded with all the latest Microsoft technology and software.  The labs will be set up at TechStar offices in Las Colinas – Irving TX.  Customers who attend will each get to use one with a fictional user account tied to it.  The fictional account allows you to play with bogus e-mail and files that you can work with, without fear of screwing things up. You are never using your real data, and at the end of the session, the laptops are wiped clean and reset.  This takes all the fear out of trying something new.



Topics are endless but here are a few ones that always seem to come up.  (Remember, you set the agenda, so we talk about whatever you wish to discuss.)

·         What are all these new Microsoft apps like TEAMS, Planner, Delve, Project, Groups, Flow, PowerApps, PowerBI, Sway, and Yammer?

·         How do I get out of having my life managed by e-mail?  I am a slave to my inbox.

·         How do I store files safely and securely in the cloud, but still have access to them if I lose my internet connection?

·         What if my company provides my Microsoft license, but I want to install office on my mobile phone, my iPad, and my home computer?

·         Why do Microsoft employees overwhelmingly pick OneNote as their favorite application?  What am I missing?

·         What is a Modern Meeting?  How can I run an online meeting that my employees enjoy, get tremendous value out of, and do it in a way that takes half the time?

·         Windows 7, 8 & 10 are a mystery to me?  I am sure there is more I could be doing to be more productive, but I don’t understand how to use it.

·         What is Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, and how does Microsoft implement it with Office 365?

·         How does Microsoft’s real-time collaboration differ from Google and Apple?

·         Our company uses SharePoint primarily for file storage, but I heard that there is a whole lot more that we could be using it for?

·         When should I use SharePoint vs. Groups, vs. Teams, vs. OneDrive?

·         What is the Cloud?  Why are Microsoft and others going to cloud/managed services?  How does the online portal work?

·         If my computer is lost or stolen, or my hard disk crashes, how can be back up and running safely in minutes



Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all upcoming Customer Experience Events are on hold. Please check back later or join us for one of our webinars.


To register send an e-mail to  and tell us which session date and time you prefer. We will get back to you within 24 hours confirming your reservation. If you would like to invite 1 or 2 guests to come with you, please feel free and let us know who will be joining you.


We hope to see you there.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact Michael O’Neill at 214-799-4704