Infra Support – Gaming

Customer Profile

This customer offers both live dealer and random number generator (RNG) games. This is a competitive field and they want to make sure the online gaming experience that they provide their players is exceptional.

Problem Statement/Findings

Professional gaming must adhere to strict regulations, including those related to their technical infrastructure. The customer has been using a comprehensive solution as its primary software platform. While this platform provides Flash user interfaces, downloadable applications, an agent management system (AMS), reporting, and tools for customer acquisition and retention, it does not allow for customization, analytics, systems monitoring, or support services.

TechStar Solutions

In January 2012, TechStar was engaged to manage this company’s network infrastructure. We worked with Network Operations to implement the following:

Incident Management

  • Incident HandlingMonitoring & Review
  • Incident Detection & Recording
  • Analysis & Troubleshooting
  • Evaluation
  • Treatment/Implementation & Response
  • Vulnerability management
  • MaintenancePatching, updates, etc.
  • On-Demand Services
  • Change Request Management

Real-time Network Monitoring

Provided the ability to monitor devices using availability checks, web services, switch activities, equipment temperatures, etc.

Implemented Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for better data collection and configuration.

Set up event (such as threshold crossing) alerts in real time via email, SMS, and instant messaging.

Long-term Systems Monitoring:

Deployed graph-based systems monitoring to provide real-time, long-term, and predictive analysis of system activity, providing valuable information on past and present system events that can be used for future planning.

Log Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Implemented a system to collect logs from network devices in the network via syslog messages and store them in a searchable database for fast querying and cross-reference analysis.

In addition, TechStar worked with the customer to streamline their support services utilizing the new infrastructure.

Support Services

  • Defined Support PoliciesBusiness Hours
  • Activity Notifications
  • 24×7 Emergency Support Desk capability
  • Set up multiple channels for communicationTicketing system
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Phone
  • Created a Case Resolution Department
  • Established a Case Management ProcessCustomer actions before contacting support
  • Opening a new case– What Customers should expect from the Customer.
  • Mutual Resolution Commitment for Emergency Cases
  • Case Resolution Process
  • Case relief
  • Case resolution
  • Case Escalation Process
  • Criteria for Closing Cases


The customer now has web-based, graphical, and both real-time and historical reporting readily available to them. These analytics allow administrators to determine top traffic-generating hosts and evaluate the impact of applications on their network bandwidth. The ability to monitor systems and provide this level of reporting is crucial when investigating and solving malfunctions before they become issues for their customers. They also now have a better solution to providing customer support and have access to analytics that help them plan for the future.

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