Infra VDI – Packaging Logistics

Customer Profile

A leading packaging and protection solution company.

Problem Statement

The customer wants to rely less on hardware and more on virtual solutions to access their systems. They are concerned about security and compliance but would like to adopt a more mobile environment for their workforce.

TechStar Solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology offers many benefits for an organization. Storing applications and data on centralized servers, rather than on individual desktops, saves IT resources and expenses, improves business continuity, and lets employees work more flexibly. While the customer is concerned with security, VDI actually minimizes security risks through centralized system administration.

Our VDI technology solution always includes the following:

  • A thorough investigation to determine the level of organizational readiness, including existing services, support structure, and skill levels.
  • A comprehensive solution that includes all layers of technology and services.
  • The monitoring and managing of VDI platform and core infrastructure layers.
  • The monitoring and managing of VDI platform and core infrastructure layers.
  • A focus on user experience.

For this customer, we:

  • Worked with them to define and understand both business and technical needs.
  • Provided recommendations on performance and delivery parameters.
  • Set up virtual desktops for 20+ instances and VPN connections.
  • Defined the support structure for systems administration, including the development of policies, processes, and VDI best practices.


Our pragmatic approach minimizes complexity and redundancy, and streamlines IT infrastructure. This customer has reported faster operational responsiveness, increased application availability, and reduced total equipment cost.

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