COVID-19 Response: Microsoft's Hospital Emergency Response Application

Microsoft engineers have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by quickly developing a working Hospital Emergency Response Application based on the needs of front-line medical teams.



The app manages:

  • Bed capacity
  • Tracks statistics of COVID-19 infections.
  • Manages equipment to track ventilators, NIPPV and PAPR gear.
  • Assists staffing to match patients to medical staff, assigned, requested, and unassigned.
  • Organizes supplies to track, manage, and forecast inventory more effectively.
  • Manages requests for personnel by department, role, and urgency.
  • And helps in discharge planning for patients


The application is built on the Microsoft PowerPlatfom (a part of MS Office) and can run on any Windows device, Apple device, or Android device. It can adjust itself to any screen resolution or aspect ratio. The application not only simplifies the management of treating patients, but it also helps track and analyze COVID-19 stats for patients.


These stats include how many patients were under investigation for COVID-19, and how many had tested positive. Being able to collect this data in the field at the source and quickly aggregating it allows tracking and measurement that will help save lives. Microsoft created easy to read dashboards for healthcare decision makers.

Participate in a Live Demo

TechStar wants to help healthcare organizations to deploy this app to help fight COVID-19.  Microsoft is training key partners like TechStar to build out demo site in order to show healthcare workers how the app works.  In addition they have provided guides to TechStar that explain the proper way to deploy and support the application for healthcare organizations.

Contact TechStar to set up a demo of the Microsoft Hospital Emergency Response Application.  We can show you all the amazing features of the app, and discuss how to quickly get it deployed within your organization.  TechStar is ready to move now so we can help you deploy the apps in days, not weeks.

To set up a demo call Michael O’Neill at TechStar at 214-799-4704 or e-mail him at

Together we can work to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Michael O'Neill

Director of Cloud Solutions​