Microsoft Solutions

TechStar Group want to be your Partner of choice
ten years from now instead of only looking at the
opportunity of the moment.

TechStar is a Microsoft Gold Partner for 2019. Many of our employees came to TechStar from Microsoft and have decades of experience helping customers derive real, tangible benefits from utilizing Microsoft technology. We are clearly passionate about Microsoft software and services.

When we built out our Microsoft consulting services practice, we matched our organizational structure to that of Microsoft. We created pillars in our company that represent the core products and services that we provide. TechStar is not a Partner that always raises our hand no matter what the opportunity.

We only pursue customer opportunities that match our skill sets and our resources. Way too many partners will jump at anything without regard to their ability to deliver proper services. We always tell customers that TechStar is in for the long haul with customers. We want to be your Partner of choice ten years from now instead of only looking at the opportunity of the moment.

To help understand what services we provide, what technology we specialize in, who on our team drives each of these technologies, and what type of customers we have experience with, we have broken it all down in the following ways:

Express Core Featuress

Business Problems

Every Business having some problems, we are here to discuss the problems and its solutions here.

Techstar Officials

The details of Top Officials of Techstar group who are responsible for Success of this Organization given here.


Cloud Services related info shown here.

Office 365

Office 365 is a portfolio of Microsoft’s productivity tools and services in the cloud.


SharePoint is team collaboration and content management platform that can save your company time.


Microsoft Azure, one of the most powerful cloud technology solutions.

Why Use TechStar Group

  • We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have on staff, employees with over 30 years of working as full-time employees of Microsoft.
  • We have dedicated specialists working with Microsoft's cloud in O365, SharePoint, Teams, PowerBI, SQL Online and Azure Infrastructure. We also have experience driving CRM migrations, Exchange migrations, Windows deployments, and help desk support.
  • We are one of only 22 Microsoft certified partners who are paid to deliver Microsoft Customer Engagement Seminars on Microsoft's behalf.