Mobile – Logistics

Customer Profile

This organization is as a leading software and services provider to the transportation services industry, employing more than 600 people and serving over 2,000 customers, including many of the largest, most sophisticated, and complex transportation management companies in North America.

Problem Statement

A solution is needed to provide their customers with a better solution for capturing and communicating tire pressure and tread depth data. They need a standalone mobile application, easy to use and transport, supported on both iOS & Android, and able to communicate to third party devices (Bluetooth enabled wireless connectivity).

TechStar Solutions

  • Studied business needs to identify the best solution.
  • Developed a hybrid mobile application with a single design and multiple resolutions.
  • Designed the application to pair with third party devices. (Data from the device is pushed to the centralized server using the API.
  • Used Xamarin to develop this application in both iOS and Android platforms.


The application proved to be a state-of-the-art solution for the client. Data is automatically communicated across devices and platforms, and their customers’ employees can now use phones and tablets rather than the older, more cumbersome PDA devices they had been using.

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