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Online Webinars are a Huge Success

TechStar has recently, in April, delivered seven free online training 
sessions that have been a massive hit with participants. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers sending one person to an online class, only later to add entire teams to the additional training sessions.

These classes all came about because COVID-19 has many people and businesses suffering from economic hardships.  The leadership team of TechStar recently discussed what we, as a company could do to help others negatively impacted during the Coronavirus pandemic. They came up with a unique solution.

Before coming to TechStar, Michael O’Neill, TechStar’s Director of Cloud
Solutions, worked for almost 30 years as a professional Microsoft trainer. Mike helped develop and manage the Microsoft Seminar Sales team in the late ’90s, a job that lasted over 12 years before he switched roles within Microsoft.  He was at Microsoft for more than 18 years.

Although Mike currently helps run TechStar’s Microsoft practice, he knows
that many people now have to work from home and are finding the new system of working to be a challenge.  Sometimes employees can lose productivity and often lose touch with fellow employees.

TechStar leadership has agreed to let Mike develop a series of online
training webinars that will help workers utilize technology to remain connected and productive. Besides offering Mike’s time to do this work, TechStar is making these advanced online training classes free to anyone who could benefit from them.  No sales pitch, no e-mail spam, just free Microsoft technical training to pass your time in isolation.

If you would like to take advantage of these free online classes with one of
Microsoft’s most experienced trainers, check out TechStar’s Events page for details, schedules, and recordings.


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