VIVE Process Intelligence


"If your company uses enterprise systems to support key business processes - and that's almost every big firm these days - you should be exploring process mining."

Harvard Business Review, April 2019

Process Mining helps pinpoint and eliminate waste, bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and deviations within your business processes.

VIVE Process Intelligence incorporates predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help you identify and mitigate deviations before they compound.

Empowering you to:

Reduce Operational Costs

Remove bottlenecks, discover friction areas, and identify costly deviations from established processes to achieve truly optimized operations

Gain Real-Time Transparency

Monitor process deviations within context of where, and when

Enhance Security

Identify unexpected behavior for immediate corrective action

Increase Compliance

Speed up auditing with built-in tracking, and identify compliance deviations before they compound

Identify Automation Areas

robotic process automation

Process Intelligence helps identify processes that are ripe for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - freeing up your team to deliver greater business value.

Robotic Process Automation "software bots" are fully programmable digital assistants that help your employees automate redundant manual tasks.

Benefits by Function


Working Capital Optimization

Ensure early payments are minimized across your organization and identify where deviations may be occurring.

Cash Discount Realization

Ensure available cash discounts are being leveraged based upon Purchase Order terms

Increase & Simplify Compliance

Faster auditing & enhanced process conformance

Procurement Effectiveness

Compare & optimize spending across your organization to eliminate maverick spending

Increase Productivity

Free up team members to focus on higher value tasks

Reduce Costs

Identify outliers, eliminate re-work, mitigate fraud, and reduce penalties


Unparalleled Oversight

Real-time monitoring of process performance and adherence

Order Management

Ensure on-time processing and fulfillment and identify where deviations occur

Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Identify and remove bottlenecks before they occur

Automation Discovery

Identify redundant manual processes ripe for automation through Robotic Process Automation technologies

Monitor Process Improvement

Measure and track process transformation business impact

Human Resource Intelligence

Identify precarious dependencies for mitigation and risk planning

How Process Intelligence Works

Connect 175+ supported data sources

We deploy the application within your environment and integrate with your systems

Machine Learning-powered automated as-is process mapping

Digital footprints of your enterprise systems are analyzed to map each business process from start to finish.

Discover how your processes truly run

Gain an objective and visual view of real-time process performance within context of your custom-defined KPIs.
Visual cues alert you to where and when deviations and outliers occur within your business processes.

Take Corrective Actions

Identify and eliminate waste, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, process deviations, and discover which redundant tasks are ripe for Robotic Process Automation.

Monitor Effectiveness of Corrective Actions

Evaluate effectiveness of corrective actions against benchmarks at aggregate and individual process level for effective change management.

Mitigate Future Deviations

Built-in predictive analytics alert you to potential issues before they occur, based upon customizable KPIs.

Do more with VIVE

    • Run on any cloud or on-prem environment
    • Monitor custom metrics (Commission, Discount, etc.)
    • Dynamic cost calculations and what-if projections
    • Computations based on database data, not XML
    • Public or private model access

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