Process Mining Misunderstood

“Process Mining” is one of those industry buzzwords that everyone seems to be talking about, but few can agree on precisely what process mining is.  In the last six months, I have seen many PowerPoint decks and blogs trying to explain process mining, and I often come away more confused on the subject than before I started reading.

During the pandemic, TechStar has been offering free technical classes on Microsoft technologies.  We are consistently selling out sessions on Outlook tips and tricks, Power BI, Microsoft Security, and other topics. Still, our course on VIVE Process Mining does not seem to be resonating with our audience. I believe this is because we have not done an adequate job explaining what process mining is, and why it is critically relevant to customers today.

In the most simplistic terms, process mining is all about using your corporate data to analyze where bottlenecks and inefficiencies exist in your operations that are costing you money, time, and customer satisfaction.  Every company leaves a sizeable digital footprint based on their activities. Accounting, Invoicing, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service processes all leave digital trails of data throughout your organization.  Process mining is used to automatically identify these data sources, collect and aggregate the data, and then run deep analytics across this data to find waste and inefficiencies.

Many companies do not realize how seemingly unrelated data from different silos in your organization can be pieced together to provide a full story of your operational efficiencies.  Sometimes it is the little things that add up.  Thirty years ago, American Airlines discovered that removing a single olive from the salad served in first-class meals amounted to savings of over $40-100k a year, according to Forbes:  https://www.bravotv.com/blogs/an-airline-saved-40000-a-year-by-taking-this-one-thing-off-your-food-tray.

Process Mining is relevant because it can associate data from your operational digital footprints and can use AI and ML to discover bottlenecks and inefficacies that you might never find looking on your own.  In our VIVE Process Mining webinar, we will be talking to actual customers about how process mining has helped them.  We will see live demos of the program at work, and we will be discussing how, on average, the VIVE process mining tool pays for itself usually in only a couple of months.  The ROI is incredible.  Add it all up, and you will be quickly saving a lot of olives!

Our Webinar is June 10th, at 1 pm CST.  To register for the VIVE process mining event, go to:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/techstar-vive-process-mining-tickets-104665298726

Michael O’Neill

Director of Cloud Solutions

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