We here at TechStar throw around the term “collaborative environment” a fair amount but that’s only because there is no better descriptor for Microsoft SharePoint. So, what exactly is SharePoint? In short, it is an organizational intranet that allows you to share files with anyone in your company in real time. Collaboration is essential for the success of any organization. It’s important for us at TechStar to drive that point home. If your teams aren’t working together and communicating efficiently then that could mean time, and money, wasted.

So why make it harder on your teams? Let SharePoint work for you by automation business processes with workflows tailored to any situation. Create in-house social networks complete with employee profiles, company newsfeeds, personal sites or even multi-layered Wiki articles. 

Save your company time and money searching, communicating, and delivering content within or across teams. SharePoint provides site consolidation, document and file management, all while seamlessly integrating with the Microsoft Office Suite. 

TechStar Group can be your partner in your transition! Whether it’s migrating content and applications or providing custom solutions, we offer a full range of services from design to implementation. Contact us today to find out more.

What we offer

Migration Services

Let TechStar take the headache out of migrations. With our depth of experience, we can help you move from older versions of SharePoint or even from other platforms like Lotus Notes, Plumtree and Documentum. Or just consolidate multiple SharePoint farms!


We've done this before. That's why we can confidently say that we can do it again. We here at TechStar are experts in SharePoint installation and configuration. We deploy according to methodologies we developed over time, first in test environments before migrating over to production.

Custom Development

Whether you are developing an app on-premise or online, TechStar can be your guide. Our many years of expertise building custom software and web applications make us uniquely qualified to handle the development of your application.

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